Brushd. Clean teeth, less waste

We all know by now that plastic is bad. That plastic never dissappears and that we cannot recycle our way out of this mess. So the answer, stop buying and using plastic. Easier said than done right?

Here is one super easy and relatively cheap way to make a swap. Switch out your toothbrush and toothpaste for low waste options such as Brushd.

I was lucky enough to be send a collection of their products to try out.

Their toothpaste tablets (£4.99 for 60 tablets or you can subscribe and pay £3.70 a month). I am always a little dubious of toothpaste as I drink a lot of coffee and can be left with staining if I don’t use a good enough toothpaste, leaving my dentist making bitchy remarks at me! I was pleasantly surprised by how clean my teeth felt after using these. All you do is crush a tablet in your mouth then start brushing with a wet toothbrush. Simple. Although I did find this toothpaste made me dribble a bit more than usual. Might just be me though!

Their mouthwash tablets (£5.49 for a 2 month supply or subscribe and pay £2.05 a month). Until now, I had never seen mouthwash in a tablet form before, odd right. Well all you do is pop the little blue fizzy pill into a small cup of water, wait for it to dissolve (I recommend doing this before you start brushing as it does take a minute or two), rinse around your mouth etc and spit it out. I was super surprised by how clean my mouth felt but without feeling like it had been through a chemical peel – we all know what brand I am talking about!). It reminded me of the pink stuff they have at the dentist but just blue instead.

Their charcoal bamboo toothbrush (£3.99) which is naturally antibacterial and the handles are completely biodegradable. For every toothbrush you purchase, Brushd donates one to someone in need on your behalf. I have to say, I do struggle with bamboo toothbrushes, I don’t know if I just brush too hard or am doing it wrong but I find they just don’t last as long. But hey that’s just me.

Their natural corn dental floss (£4.49) are 100% biodegradable and come in a recyclable glass container with metal lid. I have to say, it is super cute. A nice strong feel to it and it does just what you would expect floss to do.

Another cool thing I haven’t seen other brands offer are interdental brushes but Brushd have you covered with their bamboo ones (£2.99 for 4). They are reusable and super durable.

Lastly I was sent their daily dental vitamins (£8.99 for 2 months supply or subscribe and pay £3.35 a month). A nice idea for those who wan t to get in some extra vitamins, these ones include calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K.

They are available as a set if you want to try them all or they could make a great stocking filler present for your eco conscious friend!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products and how clean they made my mouth feel. All their products are vegan and come in either cardboard packaging or glass.

All opinions expressed are my own. The products were gifted but I have not been paid to express my opinion on them.

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