Working Out When You Have Fibromyalgia

Very common symptoms of Fibro are tiredness and muscle pain making it a very difficult illness to get into a good workout routine with. But what helps fibro – working out! It is super important when you have a chronic illness to make sure your overall health is the best is can be – great diet, regular exercise, good sleep routine etc.

But how can you keep a regular exercise routine when some days you hardly have enough energy to do a full days work. The simple answer – sometimes you just can’t. That is the hardest lesson to learn. Sometimes as much as you want to do something, you just can’t.

I like to try and keep to a workout routine of 3 gym sessions a week – 1 cardio session and 2 weight session plus yoga 1/2 times a week. But most weeks this just does not happen. Some weeks don’t even manage 1 workout. And that is ok. My body needs rest and pushing myself will not make it better, there is no wall to push through. The same as some gym session I can lift 40lbs and others only 20. Sometimes I can cycle 10km no problem and others 5km feels like a struggle. When it happens, yes it sucks and yes I get fed up but I just have to go with what my body can do. At the end of the day 5km is better than none and moving my body if only for 20 minutes is still an achievement.

When it comes to working out when you have fibormyalgia, just go at your own pace. Do not start comparing yourself to others. When the number of the weights start going down or your pace is going up, don’t see that as failure. Just see the simple fact that you have manage to workout today as goal.


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