Eating Vegan in Krakow

This past weekend Chloe and I spent 4 days exploring Krakow with friends. Here are our vegan food highlights.

Taco Mexicano

What a gem in what appears to be a very quiet kind of back ally. We arrived late in krakow and were in desperate need of food, a quick look on happy cow brought up Taco Mexicano. As we were a group of 4, 1 vegan, 1 veggie and 2 meat eaters – this place ticked all the boxes. We arrived around 9pm and it was packed! After a little wait, we were seated and quickly ordered our food. The vegan fajitas were calling my name and they did not disappoint. A huge plate of sizzling vegetables came out with 2 wraps and fries (you could also have rice or potatas). Then more plates came out with a salad and 3 sauces – 2 salsa and guacamole (The veggie options comes with sour cream and coleslaw). The food was delicious, could not fault it. The best bit was the price, fajitas and a drink came to under £8!


Breakfast the next day had to be cakester, Vegan waffles – who can say no to that! Located just into the old town, not too far from the market square is this cute cafe offering a range of vegan and non vegan options. We both ended up opting for the waffles (which are vegan) topped with fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and coconut cream. This breakfast was the perfect balance of naughty and healthy. The waffle itself is made from chia seeds and other superfood goodies but tasted like a treat especially when paired with coconut cream.


This is a must visit. A completely vegan kebab shop serving up amazing food. The kebab ‘meat’ is even cooked and served from a vertical rotating cooking thing! The choice of sauces is perfect, we opted both for the hamster – peanut butter and coconut cream with a side order a chips, vegan mayo and ketchup. All washed down with ginger lemonade. Very cute hipster vibe.

I even went back the next day to get a bounty cake as they looked to die for. For £2.20 you get a massive slab of it , its super rich so one for two people would be perfect.

Indian house

A very intimate Indian restaurant located just outside of the old town. They offer a very small selection of vegan food, mainly side dishes such as saag aloo which I went for. The staff are very helpful and the food came out quickly. We weren’t blown away with this place but for a decent vegan option in Krakow, its definitely worth a look.

Krakow airport

Not a highlight at all but definitely needs to be mentioned. Krakow airport is tiny! They have about 3 places to grab food and none offer anything remotely vegan. We couldn’t even find chips on the menu or a fruit pot. Luckily, I am always prepared for this kind of thing and had brought protein bars and snacks with me – without them I would have been screwed.

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